Tuesday, 14 October 2008

How to convert swf to DVD playing on DVD Player

Most of us like to integrate our favourite photos such as family photos, camera videos into flash, and wish to edit and save them as DVD. As the output format is swf format, so in order to burn the flash(.swf) to a DVD, we must convert them at first. Here I would like to share my own opinions with you. As after I tried some swf converters, I found there were some nice tools, which could help you collect your flash with high quality.
First, Convert swf to flv and burn flv to dvd disc.
Tools: Aunsoft SWF Converter, DVD Flick .
Step 1: Download Aunsoft SWF Converter, convert SWF to FLV or other formats video which DVD Flick support.
swf to dvd
Step 2: Choose the exact style and profile: Flash video(*.flv,*.mp4, *.mov,*.3gp, *3g2)
Step 3: Cilck “Convert” to convert swf to flv.
Burn Flv to DVD with DVD flick:
Step 4: Download DVD Flick (totally free: http://www.dvdflick.net/download.php), add FLV videos.
This software allows you to edit video settings and DVD project settings.
Step 5: Finally insert your DVD to Create DVD.

Second,Convert SWF to DVD and burn DVD to dvd disc.
Step 1: Download Aunsoft SWF Converter, Choose the exact style and profile.
Style: MPEG2 Video(*.mpg or *.vob)
Support: Standard DVD (*.vob)
Supper Video CD(*.mpg)
Medium Quanlity MPEG2 Video (*.mgg)
Aunsoft swf to dvd

Step 2: Click "convert" to convert SWF to DVD
Step 3: There are two guide for burning Vob to DVD :
Burn a DVD Video disc using freeware tools ImgTool and DVD Decrypter

Burn and author a dvd from vob:

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franzBiely said...

hey stiven,
Thanks for dropping by to my blog. In order for you to put swf in blogger is to put the swf into an html file. then upload it. den afterwards, create a new post in blogspot and in the body just use iframe in html tags. Your href must be in the URL you had uploaded your file. (If your familiar with html tags.)
That's the only way I put swf in blogger.
Anyway, would you mind if we exchange links? tnx anyway.